Good Apology 3

  1. I’m sorry.
  2. It was my fault.
  3. What can I do to make it right?

Third one is often missed – so make sure not to miss it when you apologize.

(Thanks to my friend Jay Khetia for sharing this simple but wonderful insight.)

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  1. Indeed a good apology for the scenarios where things can be altered to make it right again.

    At times, things can not be made right, if they had been wrong or we can say there is not ‘undo’ after a ‘do’. In such kind of scenarios, this would rather make more sense.

    1. I am sorry.
    2. I admit, I made a mistake.
    3. I won’t repeat this again moving forward / in future.

    Choice is ours!!

  2. Mujeeb,

    Nice to see a brilliant perspective to the same thing.

    I also love to believe that choice is ours – Thanks for making a choice to comment here :)



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